Sally is amazing! A massage with Sally is a transcendent experience. Where your mind, body and spirit float away into a state of pure relaxation. After a massage I have more clarity and energy and feel so good. She is gifted.

Susan Nicome, Minneapolis
Sally is a marvel. She knows how to help heal problem areas in the body with pressure points, massage, and the exceptional "CHI" (warmth) from her creative hands. Always cheery and buoyant --She makes the experience a delight. I hurt my shoulder slipping on the ice and she guided my recovery. We worked out some exercises that I work on at home, between sessions. With her help, this seemed to speed up the process of returning the shoulder to normal. I see Sally weekly and depend on it!

Edward Stack (Professional Violinist)
Sally, you have the most incredible hands. When I come in to see you, I'm wound up tight as a knot and when I leave it feels like I'm floating on a cloud. I didn't think it could get any better until you added hot stones. You've totally outdone yourself. Beyond amazing! Thank you so much for what you do. I feel like a new person.

Jackie, Minneapolis
I’ve suffered from tight hamstrings for as long as I can remember. I’ve heard this is common for cyclists, and perhaps like you, I’ve somehow been able to deal with it, at least until I started going on longer rides. It was then that I decided it was time to do something about it. I, for one, just assume pursue non-painful treatments over painful ones, so I asked my chiropractor for alternatives. She in turn recommended her massage therapist, Sally Schroeder. She specializes in Asian massage techniques, which includes cupping. Her approach is painless, yet very effective. After two visits, I was able to bend down and touch the floor. That’s over 12 inches extension, and far less costly than the alternative! I thank Sally dearly and highly recommend her.

Dave Levitt, Minneapolis
Sally is a very talented shiatsu therapist and I recommend her for anyone who needs a strong hands-on approach. Her massages help keep me (a writer and a dancer) flexible and pain-free. Time and again she has offered me practical advice for avoiding injury and staying physically in balance. I also enjoy being her client because she always explains the tui na methodology behind her work, which I think demonstrates her high standards and professionalism as a shiatsu practitioner.

Patricia Cumbie
Sally has been my shiatsu and tui na practitioner for six years. During that time she has helped me resolve headaches, backaches and occasional insomnia. I am grateful for the help that Sally gave me after I fell and ruptured a spinal disc last year. Sally’s care helped the chi flow, reduced my pain, and promoted healing. Now that I am fully recovered, I continue to enjoy Sally’s warm touch, great listening skills, and skilled treatment plans for health maintenance. As a registered nurse and a massage provider, I feel comfortable recommending Sally very highly.

Susan Lynx, Minneapolis
Shiatsu with Sally is something I’ve come to depend on in my life. She always puts me back into balance whether I go for a general “tune-up” or treatment for an acute condition like pneumonia. Sally listens to what’s going on with my body and in my life and uses the appointment to address specific needs. I wouldn’t want to go without Sally. She’s wise, strong, and intuitive.

Joan Owens, Minneapolis
I have been using Sally's services twice a month for over five years. She does great work both helping me with deep tissue tension release and overall relaxation. She is flexible and works hard to meet my needs. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for an excellent shiatsu massage. 

Sean Doyle, Minneapolis, MN
What a great experience! A year and a half ago in early 2010, I won a half-hour massage at Creekside Acupressure when we had a vendor show at Curves where I work in South Minneapolis. I thought, "What could I loose?" I didn’t know what shiatsu was so I thought I would give it a go - after all it was free. I had other massages in the past and they would lather you with all kinds of oils, give you a light massage and it was not very gratifying to me. At Creekside you don’t remove your clothing and her 60 minute deep tissue massage leaves you so relaxed and loosens up those tight muscles. Well needless to say I was hooked!
I now am now going to see Sally twice a month and have been doing this for a year and a half and it has become a part of my life just like working out at Curves. I feel so relaxed, my neck pain is gone and my lower back pain is under control. It is the BEST thing that every happened to me. Why not make it a part of your life? I did.

Roberta, Minneapolis, MN

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When I come in to see you, I'm always wound up tight as a knot - and when I leave it feels like I'm floating on a cloud!

Jackie, Minneapolis